Tonight’s Manning Cast Is Going To Be Must Watch TV

Tonight’s Manning Cast on ESPN2 is going to be must watch TV. Tonight’s Manning Cast guests:

  • Phil Mickelson
  • Al Michaels
  • Philip Rivers
  • Draymond Green

This list of guests is going to make for must watch tv. The Manning Cast’s this year have been far better than listening to Steve Levy ramble about fake news stories and utter nonsense. Sometimes I wonder if Levy is actually watching the same sport as the rest of us. Regardless, tonight’s Manning Cast should provide everyone with a lot of laughs as we watch the Rams/49’ers and OBJ’s debut with the loaded Rams offense.

Phil Mickelson alone makes this guest list top notch. Whether you are a fan of Phil’s or not, the dude is incredibly entertaining and is sure to cause a lot of shenanigans on air tonight with the Manning brothers.

It should also be noted there are no ACTIVE players on the broadcast tonight which means there will be no talk next week of the “Manning Cast Curse” people have been complaining about all year.

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