12/19/2020 will be a day that goes down in sports history. When the sporting schedules were released, we all anticipated a great sports day. We had the majority of College Football Conference Championships, we had Tiger and Charlie Woods dominating golf, and we also had the first batch of Saturday NFL football. What we didn’t expect, was a tweet heard round the world that shocked the Fighting industry to its core. Jose Canseco from the rafters calls out and challenges Barstool Sports and Pardon My Take Co host, Big Cat, a year and a half after Big Cat chirped Canseco in defense of his Boss A-Rod.

Very quickly Big Cat passed the bill over to his 22 year old intern, and our Young Champ, Mr. Billy Football. Mr. Football has been dying to fight at Rough N’ Rowdy, and this was as good of a chance as he was going to get, especially once Pres ( Dave Portnoy ) chimed in the winner would be receiving 100k.

On 1/13/21 the Fight became official, Jose Canseco accepted and signed the paperwork agreeing to fight Billy Football. It was going to be Canseco Vs. Football in West Virginia Super Bowl Weekend, Feb 5th, TONIGHT!!!! The only thing that was left, was the training, and the shit talk, to which there has been many. So much so, Jose sent a tweet listing a number of Barstool Employees who have gotten on his list. By far the funniest one is Frank the Tank, so hilarious he is listed on that tweet being threatened by Canseco. What a world!

Weigh in went as planned last night with Jose coming in at 6’4, 270 pounds, and our guy Football coming in at 6’4, 225 pounds. If were being honest, that weight difference is a very big deal, and a scary thing. Hopefully Football’s conditioning ends up being the difference. That old fuck Canseco and his tiny balls have no heart, the longer the fight goes, the better for Football, I hope. Mr. Football still isn’t lacking any confidence, on todays episode of Pardon My Take, Football said “I feel amazing, I feel absolutely dangerous, absolutely lethal” When asked about possibly being a danger to himself, which is a very fair question, Mr. Football said “To others, not myself, others”. Mr. Football also assured both Pardon My Take hosts, Big Cat and PFT that they should also be afraid of him, and that he hasn’t ejaculated for 8 days. Big news coming out of the Football camp, that had to shift the line in Vegas at least a little in their favor. Canseco and his camp are not lacking confidence either, even after the ejaculation news, Canseco joined PMT today and said ” Half a Million Dollars ( That he doesn’t have ) I beat him ( Football ) easily ” . Canseco also went on to say ” How about I fight all three of you at the same time, but we do MMA ” referencing PFT, Big Cat and Football. I think we should just chalk that comment up to roid rage, and let that one slide.

I am very excited to say the least for this fight. The pagentry of the event will be amazing, the commentary will be hilarious, and the ring girls will probably be cringeworthy, CANT WAIT!

Also, the line of the event is Billy Football on his post fight goals ” “He’s gonna end up respecting me and hopefully at the end of it, we can go hunting Big Foot together. But first, we got some stuff to deal with it. It’s gonna be a great fight. I’m excited.” Never Change, Billy Football.


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