Tommy Fury out of Jake Paul Fight; Tyron Woodley to Step in

Written by Noah Gagnon

BREAKING: Tommy Fury is pulling out of his fight against Jake Paul, and Tryon Woodley will be stepping in on the short notice. Here’s what Jake Paul had to say about the matter.

It’s being claimed that Fury is dealing with some sort of ‘medical condition,’ but this honestly seems like a classic duck-job to me. Anytime there are no concrete specifics as to why a fighter pulls out of a fight, it’s a massive red flag to me. And honestly, does it get any lower than ducking Jake Paul?

No disrespect to Jake, but c’mon, it’s the best fight in the game. You’ll probably lose, but you’re really at serious risk of getting knocked out if you have any sort of competency, and you’ll get a ton of money. Really, the only excuse to pull out is that you know you’re gonna lose, and your savage older brother and father are gonna exhile you from the family. Probably what happened here.

But, I’m happy for Tyron. He gets one more payday, and the chance to avenge his last loss. Plus, there were some pretty strong rumors in the contract that T-Wood wasn’t allowed to knock Jake out in the last one, so hopefully that will change in the rematch.

But, as a fan, I AM PRAYING TO THE GODS, that Tyron decides to pull the trigger. He fought the last fight like he did so many times in his MMA career, sit back, be patient, and explode. This lead to Jake out-pointing him and grabbing a decision, even though Tyron had the few biggest moments of the fight. Let’s just see this guy let his hands fly! He’s got bombs, and I’m hoping he puts Jake Paul through the ropes this time

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