Tom Thibodeau is A Psycho And I Love It

Written by schultzyca

New York Knicks Head Coach Tom Thibodeau is known for overplaying his players, and tonight in the third game in the preseason against the Pistons it was no different. All the Knicks starters played 25+ minutes and the starters were still in with a minute to play in the fourth.

I mean you just cannot make this up this man is a start up psycho. While some people may question his coaching tactics, the fact of the matter is he wants to make sure this team is ready to compete.

Also, outside of DRose, Kemba, and Taj Gibson is Knicks team is very young so who cares anyways as along as they are healthy who really cares?

This Knicks team is going to again surprise people and they really shouldn’t though, they are a young gritty team, and Thibodeau and the front office are turning this team around quicker than anybody could of thought. This Knicks team finished fourth in the East last year, and on paper this year they are better now than they were last year so hopefully that reflects in their record.

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