Tom Izzo Might Explode on the Sideline

Written by Noah Gagnon

Shitty night for Izzo, huh? As I write this Michigan state is down 30 to Rutgers, have turned the ball over a Rocky Lombardi amount, and have just looked absolutely incompetent in Piscataway. Oh yeah, and they’re making Myles Johnson look like a prime Shaquille O’Neal.

Honestly though, Izzo should really let his guys off the hook, they just happened to run into a complete wagon tonight. Rutgers basketball is so back. I had the Knights confused for the 2015 Warriors out there tonight, so if Izzo has a heart attack on the sideline, he can pass out knowing tonights loss came to a future final four team.

Izzo was the nail, and Pikiell pounded him tonight. It happens to the best of them, so keep the chin up, Tommy. Izzo now, Krzyzewski later, if Duke can manage to get their asses into the tournament, bums.

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