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Tom Brady To Retire In An Attempt To Save Marriage?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady was supposed to retire after this past season and him not retiring ended up leading to his wife Gisele Bundchen and him getting a divorce.

Brady has been known as the best quarterback of all time and could have road off on his high horse this past season, but decided to come back.

Now? The news has been trending everywhere:

Who knows if there is more behind the scenes but in reality Tom should probably have stayed retired. I’m not saying he doesn’t look good on the field but family should come over football. And it didn’t


People are wondering if Brady is going to retire in the middle of the season. Currently he is battling a couple of injuries but on the other hand of everything he might be able to save his relationship with Gisele. I could see him trying to save it and realizing that his career is close to being done regardless. Other people think it’s messed up how Gisele would want a divorce for him having a ‘job’ that makes it seem like he’s carrying all the money.

I’d like to remind you that she has more of a net worth than he has. Brady’s net worth is roughly $250M while hers is pushing $400M.

Neither of them will struggle but the kids might. They’ll hate not being around each other. I wouldn’t be shocked if we hear from Brady in the next couple of weeks saying he’s going to officially step away from football.

People are also wondering if by chance Gisele had cheated on Brady:

Brady’s teammate Cole Beasley lasted only two weeks in Tampa before deciding to retire and focus on his family. Maybe this was somewhat a shot at Tom Brady. I doubt Beasley would take a shot at Brady like that, but talk about a weird time to bring up wanting to be with family:

He is ready to be with his family after playing 11 seasons and it’s time to be a full-time dad and husband,” agent Joel Turner told ESPN.

“His wife and kids are still back home in Texas. They came out for the first game, went through the evacuation last week which the Tampa Bay organization hasn’t received near the credit they deserve for the way they handled [Hurricane Ian] — nothing but first class by the Glazer family, [general manager] Jason [Licht] and [coach] Todd [Bowles]. He doesn’t want to be separated from them anymore. He loves his wife and kids and wants to be with them.”

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