Tom Brady Had A Drone Record His Tee Shot And Proceeded To Hit An Ace In One Of The Sickest Videos On The Internet

Tom Brady dropped one of the sickest videos on the internet today of him hitting a hole in one while being recorded by a FPV drone. Seriously what the hell can’t this dude do? It’s just not even fair at this point.

This is why you film every shot on the course… yeah maybe for you Tom but no one wants to see the rest of us chunking shots and blasting balls in to the woods.

Tom Brady has been getting some reps in in preparation for The Match on TNT that’s scheduled for June 1st in Las Vegas. Brady is teaming up with Aaron Rodgers to take on Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen. The Match is always entertaining because we get to hear these guys micd up the entire round while Charles Barkley talks shit to them in their ear piece.

I haven’t seen much of Pat Mahomes and Josh Allen on the course, but I think I’m gonna roll with the old vets on this one.

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