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Tom Brady And Wife Gisele Getting Divorce; Did Antonio Brown And Gisele Sleep Together?

Written by TrevStone

We have recently learned that Tom Brady and his wife Gisele have hired divorce lawyers as the two of them plan to split apart.

Majority of people think the this is coming because Brady decided not to retire and Gisele wanted him home spending time with his kids. But maybe, just maybe there is more to the story. Tom Brady allowed Antonio Brown to live with him and train with him last season and it might have backfired.

I don’t want to speculate and say that they did but the timing of everything has been very weird. But just a day ago Antonio Brown posted a picture of Gisele hugging him and looking him into the eyes in a pretty hot way.

Could the two of them been sleeping together? I mean it’s possible. It’s 100% something that Brown would try to do.

I don’t know about Gisele because I don’t think she’d be a cheater, but who knows. The way Brown posted this image is a little wild. I wonder what Tom is thinking.

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