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Tom Brady and Julian Edelman Tweet Out Support For Hank Lockwood #TeamHank After Barstool Employee Ria Leaves Hank For Another Employee Marty Mush

Written by TrevStone

I can’t believe how wild this story is getting. Barstool Sports employees have some wild drama going on. It’s a little much to explain so I’ve attached the video below and you can also (click here) to read the original story about this.

Total craziness, right? Well now Tom Brady is tweeting about this and the story is even getting bigger!

Imagine that? Tom Brady and Julian Edelman tweeting about Barstool drama that doesn’t include Dave Portnoy? Life is wild.

Marty Mush has to quit right? There is no way to come back from this. Barstool employees have been tweeting out support for Hank and personally I don’t think Marty lasts the rest of the week. You can’t. You can’t keep showing up into a building where everyone hates you.

At least he came went into work today, I wouldn’t have:

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