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@Toddmccomas and future wife @mustangmarnee stop by @theanomaliespod

What up?! TA here giving y’all lovely people here at Pro Sports Extra what we have going on our podcast as of late. We, as a podcast, have never had a future, husband wife combo like these two on.

Todd Mccomas is an ex-Indiana state police officer turned Comedian, appearing on Bob and Tom, and recently of Pat Mcafee Inc. fame. This podcast goes into how Todd met up with PMI and how he just recently left PMI. He has became quite the podcasting machine after leaving PMI with his three podcasts, Docheads, 10-41, and Funtown. He is one interesting human right now, thats full of laughs.

Here is the video for Todd’s episode below:

In a weird twist of fate (and a mistake by Marco, sending it to the wrong person by mistake, but still a awesome mistake to make) We also got Todd’s future wife, Marnee, on the Podcast after him. She is a transplant/general surgery nurse, who is afraid to swallow gum whole. She has a gripe keeping bunny rabbits in boxes. She also gives us insight into how Todd met her and vise versa with his episode. We don’t ever get this graphic, and Marnee certainly pushed us to the edge.

Here is Marnee episode below:

Lastly, If you have clicked on the right side on our episodes, either via Youtube, or our Podcast. Thank you so much! It really means the world to us that during this time that you at-least give us a shot. I want to repay our gratitude on behalf of The Anomalies by giving you some unheard/unseen footage from our Todd Mccomas episode. We try to end our shows by doing local shit shows. I had to edit it out because otherwise, it would have been 3+ hours of it. So here it is down below on youtube. Enjoy! and thanks for supporting us! peace!

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