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Today Is An Incredibly Sad Day, We Have Lost Well Loved Boston Legend Jerry Remy At Age 68

Damn, this one right here really hurts, when I say i’m shaken up I mean it this time. I know most people say it’s dumb or soft to be sad over celebrities you don’t know and I mean shit i’ve said it myself being ignorant. Now I never got the chance to meet Jerry, I had always hoped to meet him at a Red Sox game or maybe get tight with Jared Carrabis and meet the voice of the Boston Red Sox and have a great conversation about the Sox with him and Jared. Sadly that won’t ever happen, but it hits home because my father is actually battling through cancer right now and one of the ones he sadly has is lung cancer. Now I am not trying to make this about myself when a legend has passed, but I just mentioned it to put in perspective why it hits so close to home for me. It also hits close to home because he was the man on commentary for me while I was growing up a Red Sox fan, he made everything more entertaining and brought a joy and happiness for anyone watching even if we were losing.

For 30 years this man brought so many laughs and so many greats moments on commentary. My all time favorite moment was easily the Pizza throwing moment in the stands, its funny one of his most memorable calls was about a man going Tom Brady throwing a pizza but it just makes Jerry that much greater. He also was able to call David Ortiz’s 500th homerun, that is something special and I promise it will be cherished forever. I know Ortiz couldn’t have asked for a better duo in that booth and no better man than Jerry to be one to help call it. Just an absolute amazing moment in Red Sox history that will never be forgotten. And neither will Jerry Remy, his legacy will forever live on through Boston and I know we will get an amazing tribute next season, I wish we could have done it for him this year but next year is for Jerry. There is nothing more inspirational for a team next season than for Boston to win it all for Jerry. I pray for his family and friends, Jerry will be missed more than most people realize.

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