Today At Walmart I Lost A Battle With A Shopping Cart… Well Two Of Them **ACTUAL IMAGE*

Written by TrevStone

**Image isn’t actual image, or close to it. Was used to 100% get you to click on this**

Jesus! Nothing like walking into a Walmart grabbing a cart, start pushing it and the cart makes the most annoying screeching sound. I decided I was going to try and lift the cart up a little bit and set it down. Maybe ‘knock the rust off of it’, nope that didn’t work. Instead, it was the loudest sound ever which made everyone near by look. And myself **just hit my weed pen before coming inside** started getting a little annoyed. I’m sick of carts being loud, broken, we need to come up with a better way. I don’t know what it is, but damnit that pissed me off.

So I push it back to where I got it, grabbed another, **sorry next person to grabs it**, and the next cart I got was also broken. Not as bad, but the wheel was shaking and was thumping around the store.

Needless to say this was annoying. Nothing like pushing a cart around and every second someone looking at you. Like holy, take a breath, sorry I didn’t get a fancy cart like yours. Just kidding everyone else more than likely had a broken cart. But there’s nothing like pushing one to the right and it keeps going left. That’ll piss a person off. Aka me. Sorry.

Maybe I just need to order my groceries and stuff from Walmart for pickup or whatever instead. Because this shit isn’t going to cut it anymore.


Oh, look at these people:

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