There was a thriller tonight in Philadelphia! The 76ers defeated the Lakers 107-106 thanks to Tobias Harris. Harris hit the game winner over Alex Caruso to seal the victory for the 76ers. This could definitely be up there in one of the best games this season. The Sixers almost choked and were up by as many as 12 in the final four minutes. It was almost a Doc Rivers classic meltdown, but was saved by Tobias Harris. The Lakers undefeated road record is now over.

This was a HUGE win for Philly. They had a pretty cupcake schedule and needed a big win like this. A lot of people were counting them out because of their cupcake schedule, but with a win like this, they should earn some more respect in the NBA world. I think they are a legit contender, and Embiid is definitely in the top 3 in the MVP rankings right now. His match up against Anthony Davis is a special one, and it will be exciting to see again if these two teams meet in the NBA finals.

Let’s all appreciate the slow-mo version of the game winner because it was a beauty.

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