To Anyone Who is Blaming Corey LaJoie or Ryan Blaney for What Happened to Ryan Newman..

Now that we know Newman is going survive this crash, I have something to say to anyone blaming Corey LaJoie for the hit or Ryan Blaney for wrecking him. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!!

LaJoie was in the wrong spot at the wrong time, trying to get a top ten finish in the biggest race in NASCAR, and did nothing wrong.

As a matter of fact, LaJoie was devastated. Below is a picture that was taken of him the moment he got out of his car after limping his car across the finish line.

LaJoie knew something terrible happened and he showed it.

Now onto Blaney. He didn’t mean to wreck Newman. As a matter of fact, he was trying to push him to the win so that a Ford would win the race. Below is the post race interview with Blaney where he says exactly that.

Some people who watched the 500 might not necessarily know that these cars are going anywhere from 180-200 miles per hour at all times on this track. They can’t just stop and hit the brakes like a damn deer just ran out in front of them. Also, at times, drivers are literally INCHES away from each other.

This is the first time NASCAR has experienced something like this since the death of Dale Earnhardt in the 2001 Daytona 500. Social media wasn’t around back then so people didn’t have a platform to point fingers at people.

Now that we have those platforms, some of you need to be careful about what you say in situations like this. Before you go popping off, and start pointing fingers, learn how the fucking sport works!!

There is nothing either of these guys could have done differently in the circumstances they were in. Blaney wasn’t going to let off because he wanted Newman to get the win, and LaJoie was trying to get the fourth top ten finish of his entire NASCAR career, and do it in the biggest race of the season.

This was a freak accident. This could have happened to any driver at any point in the season. Let’s stop blaming people, and from now on just be thankful that Ryan Newman is alive.

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