Tito Ortiz Is Now An Elected Politician

Written by Shannon Walsh

MMA Fighter Tito Ortiz won a seat on the city council in his hometown of Huntington Beach, California this week. The position is a four-year term and he hopes to become mayor of the city one day. He appeared to be the most popular candidate running for city council as he earned the most votes (34,901) with 15 people running for three available spots. He owns an MMA gym in the city called Punishment Training Center.

Ortiz is a friend and supporter of president Donald J. Trump and he ran on similar platforms. His campaign slogan was “Make Huntington Beach Safe Again” with his full support for second amendment rights and area law enforcement. He changed his opinions about COVID-19, at one point calling it “just like the flu” and then a “form of population control”.

Ortiz made his MMA debut with UFC in 1997. He defeated Wanderlei Silva for the vacant UFC Light Heavyweight Title in Tokyo, Japan on 4/14/00. (The title was vacated by Frank Shamrock when he retired from UFC in November 1999). He made appearances for TNA/Impact Wrestling in 2005 and 2013. His most recent MMA victory was over pro wrestler Alberto El Patron for Combate Americas on 12/7/19.

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