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Tito Ortiz Has Head Damage After Getting Knocked Out Because Now He’s Calling Out Logan Paul

It’s crazy how many people call out the Paul brothers when they are just going to lose, I mean I get it people realize that fighting a Paul brother will be the biggest payday of your life but cmon now. Tito Ortiz getting knocked out by Anderson Silva was great, Tito was an idiot for getting in the ring with the spider we saw he can still fight. We saw Tito cant fight when he last fought Chuck in that ugly ass match. Now he gets slept and calls out Logan fucking Paul? That’s head trauma or something because there’s no fucking way that happens.

First of all you just lost, why would you deserve a fight that would be the biggest payday you could get after getting brutally knocked out in round one? That just makes no fucking sense, and secondly the fight would end faster against logan than it did the spider. No I’m not dickriding Logan but he’s a big mf that’s strong and he knows how to fight and he’s young. He would damn near kill Tito and I think he would beat Anderson as well(I say that with the absolute most respect to Silva, my favorite UFC fighter to ever fight.) It’s crazy how much people don’t like the Paul brothers, it’s honestly inspiring and fun to watch their path of destruction and how much they piss people off. They are a payday and immense clout so literally everybody wants a fucking piece. Tito just isn’t getting Logan that’s for sure, Logan just fought and arguably beat the greatest boxer of all time, Tito wouldn’t even last in sparring.

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