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Titans’ Bud Dupree Involved in Walgreens Fight (Video) #TitanUp

Written by Nate

It was reported that Tennessee Titans linebacker/pass rusher Bud Dupree has allegedly been cited for assault during an incident at a local Walgreens pharmacy earlier this week.

Well, the video of that incident has been officially released. It appears in the clip, posted by Twitter user Jeff Ranger below, that Dupree was trying to break up a fight at the store by pulling on a woman’s hair with another fan.

Another user mentioned that he heard Dupree tell the guy in the Titans Jersey to get the phone from the Walgreens employee that was recording the scuffle.

With only one game left in Tennessee’s regular season against the Houston Texans, hopefully this incident doesn’t cause any huge distraction as the Titans are looking to lock up the No. 1 seed in the AFC playoffs this weekend.

Good thing the incident, involving Dupree, didn’t turn more ugly than it already did.

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