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The solution to paying for college fees for student-athletes is getting an athletic scholarship. Recently, the National Collegiate Athletic Association has seen the increase of scholarship applicants get admitted into the scholarship program to Division I and Division II schools. Presently, Division I and Division II schools scholarship schemes are now funded with more than $3 billion annually. Now more than ever, getting an athletic scholarship is extremely competitive as over seven million high athletes are in contention. Still, only one percent will get the scholarship to Division I schools.

With the competition for the scholarship getting tougher, there is a need for a convincing essay in order to beat off millions of other applicants. However, you can buy cheap essay from EssayBulls online to give you an edge over the competition and stand you in good stead. Here are tips on how you can get an athletic scholarship.

Know the requirements for academic eligibility

The country you are applying to will be the primary determining factor as regards your academic eligibility. For instance, to be qualified for an athletic scholarship in any Canadian university requires that you have a grade point of nothing less than 80 percent in the courses that will be used to decide your admission (U Sports 2017). For the United States eligibility, it is complex and demanding. The requirements include ACT or SAT test score, compulsory core course and a minimum GPA. It is essential to keep it in mind that these requirements that determine your eligibility in high school and ninth grade are crucial factors in the scholarship scheme. It is necessary to find out about each country’s eligibility requirements before applying.

Monitor your grades in core courses 

Applying for the athletic scholarship requires proper planning, and an effective strategy is monitoring your grades in the necessary courses like mathematics, English, and science is more significant in the eligibility requirements process than nearly all other courses. NCAA institutions almost demand a specific part of your core courses to be taken by you, and most importantly, a minimum overall GPA requirement must be certified. For example, Canadian institutions demand that you are certified in some core courses to attain a diploma. The required core courses are essential to have good chances for athletic funding eligibility. 

Build a personal and close relationship with your guidance counsellors and teachers 

Getting an athletic scholarship requires some sacrifice; the major one is your unavailability for many classes more than any students. If you are going to miss a lot of classes, the only solution is to ensure that your guidance counsellors and teachers are carried along. Once they are aware of your absence, they will help you cover up for missed classes, and their moral support will go a long way for your eligibility.

Focus on short-term goals. 

The athletic scholarship is the long term goal without a doubt, but to achieve it, you have to cross the hurdle of many short term goals that will come your way. If you focus on the long term goal, you can get overwhelmed because of the hectic schedule. It involves studying, consistency in training, and competing; all these can be demanding and may get your body exhausted. Have daily and weekly goals, stay committed to it. This will eventually lead you to achieve your long term goal.

Take time to rest.

Like the saying goes “all work without play makes Jack a dull boy,” however, the play here is rest, and it is not just any kind of rest. It would be best to rest properly to recuperate after studying, training and competing. When athletes do not take proper rest, they tend to suffer a mental relapse and sometimes, physical injury. The solution is to create a balanced routine and maintain it in order not to be hard on your body. Enough rest will keep you in control of things.

Use the student-athlete resources as guidance to your path in getting the scholarship. 

For every scholarship students may be applying for, there are resources to guide them in order not to miss a vital step, and the same applies to high school athletes. A lot of resources are available to help them get the assistance of recruiters and coaches whose role is very crucial to earning the athletic scholarship. A typical example is the renowned Next College Student Athlete (NCSA). NCSA has been influential in assisting countless student-athletes in getting scholarship schemes that perfectly suit them. Key elements NCSA use in helping students include the following:

  • Setting objectives and leveraging on individual recruiting plans. 
  • Reviewing and making arrangements for academic eligibility 
  • Creating a convincing feature video and getting it across to coaches 
  • Evaluating and anticipating the best fit for your athletic capacities 
  • Linking you to coaches and communication training assistance 
  • Preparation for SAT/ACT test 
  • Application advise and monetary guide
  • Evaluating and follow-up on scholarship offers

The tips mentioned above, and most importantly, getting a convincing essay increases your chances to beat off competition in securing your long-awaited athletic scholarship. Finally, please do not joke with your fitness level because it is the key to your success once you are confirmed for the scholarship scheme.

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