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Tinder Dating App Putting the Class in Ass

Looks like the world’s favorite hook-up app is putting the class in scoring ass as Tinder has instituted a new feature it hopes to help reduce offensive messages that lead to people being offended and users being reported. According to a report from Axios (no pun intended):

Tinder parent Match Group is debuting a new screen asking customers “Are you sure?” before they post potentially offensive language. It says the technique has reduced such language by 10% in early testing.

While critics might scoff at the idea of a dating app often seen as a convenient way to get laid by a complete stranger trying a dignified approach, others might see this a way of weeding out the Glenn Quagmires who use apps like Tinder. Axios noted the initial results of the new feature, which suggests Tinder could become classy as a hook-up app, much like some people are less bothered by high-priced brothels:

  • Those who saw the “Are you sure?” prompt were less likely to be reported for inappropriate messages over the next month.
  • Those asked whether they were bothered by content were 46% more likely to report inappropriate messages.

This has to be a good thing for newbies who are uncertain whether the electronic equivalent of Looking for Mr. Goodbar makes it advisable to ask prospective lovers whether they like to be choked or prefer hooking up at an abandoned lumberyard or a school playground.

Tinder’s safety head Tracey Breeden told Axios:

“As a new generation starts dating, we believe we have a responsibility to educate Tinder’s members — many of whom are entering the dating pool for the first time — about what kind of behavior is and is not appropriate when building new relationships,”

Regrettably, there is no video of Ms. Breeden (no pun intended) making the statement. I would love to know if she said it with a straight face or was laughing her ass off as she made it. If the idea of swiping right to mix your genetic material with a stranger new friend seems like a good way to build relationships, then Tinder is for you. However, I have my reservations whether it’s the best avenue for people “entering the dating pool for the first time.”

As for Tinder itself, here’s a PSA, gentle reader: “Don’t be a fool, wrap that tool.”

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