Timberwolves Collapse Against Grizzlies, After Leading By 26 Points!!

Written by BadBoiCiCi

The Timberwolves just collapsed. They let the Memphis Grizzlies come back from two different 20 point deficits. KAT keeps giving his haters a reason to call him soft. He took four shots tonight and couldn’t stay out of foul trouble. Selfish teammate. Can’t control his emotions and is straight up embarrassing his dad on national television. If I was Ja Morants dad I wouldn’t let KAT’s dad forget about this. I’d also call him stupid for naming his son Karl. He came out of the womb soft with that name. 

Desmon Bane, remember the name, LeBron’s father, led this comeback hitting clutch shot after clutch shot. Brandon Clarke was also huge getting offensive boards because guess who wasn’t down there? You guessed it, Karl Ghost-Town. 

KAT owes Minnesota an apology, with tears. Also can we get an eye on D-Lo, his mother must be worried sick because we haven’t seen that man since the first quarter.

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