Tim Tebow Needs To Be Cut By The Jaguars ASAP

Written by EricLyonsTV

Tim Tebow went from a miracle worker to a side show over this last decade and his odd story in the NFL continues. He’s now playing TE for the Jacksonville Jaguars and is embarrassing anybody who plays that position at any level. To the pee wee football tight ends, I apologize to you on behalf of Tim Tebow. The video going viral on Twitter right now is Tebow trying to block a defender. Well he more so threw his weak body at another grown man and bounced right off of him like a toddler. The tight end position is more than running routes, you have to block and be good at it. I didn’t understand how someone who never played TE or a position remotely related to it could do it in the NFL. Tim Tebow is not a freak athlete he is a man trying to hold on to a dream that’s been dead since Obama’s first term.

Tim Tebow trying to set the edge.

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