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Tim Tebow Finally Had Sex? | NFL | Jacksonville Jaguars

Written by TrevStone

Everyone knows that NFL quarterback, I mean Tight End, Tim Tebow is this guy who is very religious, something that everyone has somewhat admired of him. He’s always stayed true to that. And one thing that is up for question, has he ever had sex?

You might not believe it but it’s actually a pretty big topic to discuss. And that’s why you’re here today – to try and figure out if Timmy Tebow has ever laid the pipe.

I believe he has.

He has said in past interviews that him and his WIFE will have kids together. Now how do you have kids? Well… Ya gotta do the dirty work. Now the real question is when did they get married?

Last year. So does that mean that Timmy Tebow went 32 years without having sex? Possibly.

But in my opinion, nope. I mean does my opinion matter? Not much. Because if so you’d click here and follow me on Twitter. But just because he’s this big religious guy doesn’t mean that he never played the field. If you’re to ask me, he was probably slaying chicks left in right in college. Maybe not though. If I was him – you know what I’d have been doing. I’m sure every chick wanted him in college. That’s every mans DREAM.

You’re telling me not one time he cracked? Maybe that’s possible. Maybe just maybe he never fell into ‘peer pressure’ and had sex. Or even when he met his wife, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, you don’t think that they had sex before marriage? Not once? Maybe but I don’t believe it.

Speaking of Demi, she’s a dime! Click here to check out hot pictures of her!

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