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TikTok’s Chozen Terrell-Hannah Arrested After his Shoes Were Linked to a Series of Armed Robberies

With all the craziness between Russia and Ukraine dominating the world news cycle, there was some interesting news that occurred in the influencer realm.

A post on Instagram shows that TikTok star Chozen Terrell-Hannah (known as ‘Chozen WRLD’) had been arrested a few days ago after being connected to a series to armed robberies that happened in the Detroit area.

Chozen Terrell-Hannah

How were the authorities able to identify Chozen as their suspect? He had posted videos on the app with the same shoes he wore during the robberies.

According to India’s News 18 via Detroit News, Chozen’s first robbery took place back on December 1, 2021. Three more happened in a three-week span with the last robbery occurring on February 1 of this year.

With the robbery charges altogether, Chozen could be facing up to 20 years in prison.

Just a big oof that happened for the TikToker. Should’ve changed those shoes once in a while, dude.

**Headline Photo Courtesy to News 18 and Detroit News**

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