Cavinder Twins

TikTok Star and Miami Basketball Player Haley Cavinder Hits Clutch Free Throws And ‘Shushes’ Crowd Sending Home #1 Seed

Written by TrevStone

Haley Cavinder and her sister Hanna both play basketball for Miami but to be honest Haley gets more playing time and has been crushing it this season.

During tonights game Miami took down #1 Indiana and down the stretch at the game of the game Haley hit two clutch free throw and decided to let the crowd know by shushing them.

A wild move because they were only up three with plenty of time to lose. But I love it. Maybe its because I’m like the rest of the world and somewhat obsessed with the two twins but what a move!

It would have been somewhat funny had she had shushed the crowd and ended up losing. But they didn’t so the queen lives on!

Hanna had something to say after the game:

Talk about walking dimes!

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