If you are not up to date with Barstool news they were infiltrated by Alex Stein and some ‘homeless’ fat black man. I have to admit I have no idea who Stein is other than in this video I will show he claimed he is Tucker Carlson’s son and I saw a video where some reporter told AOC she had a fatass and as it turns out that was Steins work.

I do not know but for some reason Dave and Stein have beef but it seems to be one sided because in video Alex keeps exclaiming that he was invited on a podcast with Portnoy but Dave took away the invitation.

The whole point of this bit that Stein put on is very confusing other than just causing an absolute scene and getting immediately kicked out of Barstool HQ which I guess he accomplished. But for some reason there is heat on Mintzy. Allegedly the former King of the South gave him access to the building.

My knowledge of Mintzy and Alex’s relationship is nonexistent so I won’t even dive into that debacle. But it doesn’t look good for Mintzy as Dave clearly texted him stating “You are all but dead to me” which is never a good text to receive.

What I do want to talk about is Tiko Texas. I for one want to state I am a big fan of hers now for immediately standing up to Stein and pressing him about why he was speaking negatively about Dave.


Being a huge Dave fan myself this is what I would have done if I was in Tiko’s shoes (maybe not assaulting Alex Stein but Tiko is about that life and that is very evident). So Tiko certainly deserves her flowers.

Here is the video:


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