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Tigers GM Al Avila Said Something Concerning About Offseason Plans

Written by Robert McCarver

The Detroit Tigers GM held his post-2021 season press conference where he answered questions about the team moving forward. Well, he said something that is going to piss off the Tigers fanbase.

“”I would caution you: This is not going to be spending like a drunken sailor. This is going to be a very measured process.”

For a team that improved quite a bit just one year under Manager A.J Hinch, they need to spend to fill the glaring holes on this team. If Avila doesn’t go and spend some money he needs to be gone immediately. Avila has a short leash as it is with the fanbase and now that the team made strides in 2021 it just got shorter.

Tigers fans are some of the best in baseball but they haven’t had anything to cheer for, now they do and it’s time to spend the big money this offseason to make them a playoff-caliber team for the years ahead. He stated that the rebuild is over earlier this year, so prove it.

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