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Tiger Woods Documentary Dropping on HBO Max Tonight @ 9PM EST | The Story Of Putting It In The Hole

Written by Tony

How are not more people talking about this? I am assuming in large part because it happens during NFL Wild Card weekend, but we would certainly be remiss if we did not tune in for at least the very beginning, or watch it right after the game ends.

It was just earlier this year as we all sat around, snuggled in our finest personal protective equipment loungewear, nestled around our Tiktok inspired DIY fireplaces watching Michael Jordan regale the world in a six episode showcase of his takeover of the sports landscape as we know it. Hailed with story after story, and quote after quote of what it takes to be great, and the process within it. It captivated and griped a nation who was stuck inside and was craving sports related content the way that adult entertainer Joselyn James once craved Tiger’s swift and ferocious roaring penetration after he most likely stiffed his way out of the tab at dinner.

I said it once, and I will say it again. How the fuck are not more people excited for this? This is Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods we are talking about here (his middle name is TONT?!?). The man who once took a 9 iron to the face on Thanksgiving eve the likes of which are akin to the way a capitol hill terrorist “protestor” bestows upon his wife and kids after learning that his escapades have cost him his employment at the local Jiffy Lube. One in which he was hoping to make shift manager soon in order to advance his career, so he could take his raise and invest it in cryptocurrency so that he was no longer dependent on fiat currency manipulated by the incoming communist regime. Where was I? Oh yes! The pill infused, sex parading, boy wonder and his story are about to be told on a network that pulls no punches! Oh baby!

Now, I have some serious doubts about the in depth nature of the gravitating stories of Tiger’s life, as I am sure he has directorial and editorial control over what happens during this documentary. However, I would assume we get some stuff that we have never heard of before, right? Tiger is notoriously shrouded in mystery, and has been tight lipped to the media ever since he burst onto Rachel Uchitel into superstardom in the late 90s.

Could you imagine though if he lays it out all on the table as he has presumably done many times with cocktail waitress and hostess alike? He goes through every single thing, every position and every woman in a film breakdown that the world has not seen since Jon Gruden’s QB camp? My goodness, just imagine how the internet would explode. Tiger for better or for worse, is absolutely polarizing and a superstar in sports that might never be replicated. On television at age 4 putting on late night televisions across the country, and running a train (on the course and off the course) on everything that ever got in his way.

If this documentary is 50% as good as it is capable of being, then boy oh boy, are we going to have something to talk about.

P.S. I for one want a tad bit of color commentary on this little number:

Tiger Woods explains "Mac Daddy Santa," and how the character almost caused  him serious bodily harm | This is the Loop | Golf Digest

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