On this Thanksgiving weekend, many people and families have plenty of be thankful for on this holiday season. However, one NBA guard has a little ‘extra’ thankful for being with an underage girl recently—and it slander him in hot water.

On X (Twitter), Oklahoma City Thunder guard Josh Giddey is in the news for being involved in a relationship with 15-year-old juvenile Liv Cook via multiple posts.

X users, such as Abby Wood below, says that the girl is believed to be a junior in high school.


Here are more posts from X on Giddey’s encounter with Cook:


There was more videos and TikToks of Cook with Giddey, but most of them have been deleted.

Not the best idea for a young NBA player to be in a relationship like that, especially if that girl is a minor.

It’s gonna be a big hole to climb for Giddey especially being a NBA first-round pick out of Australia. Very sticky situation for all parties involved.

**Featured image from: X and Kelsey Grant/Getty Images**


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