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Throwback Thursday: Stefon Diggs Delivers the Minneapolis Miracle

It may not be much of a flashback, but for football fans far and wide, this is a really good memory to look back in.

On this day back in the 2017 Playoffs, a literal miracle happened as the then-Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs pulled off the ‘Minneapolis Miracle’ to win the 2017 NFC Divisional Playoff over the New Orleans Saints.

The play as quarterback Case Keenum looked deep to get to Saints territory, but New Orleans safety Marcus Williams whiffs a tackle to let Diggs get free and delivered Minnesota the walk-off win.

Coincidentally, this was Joe Buck’s best call yet dating to his ‘disgusting act’ call, ironically in a game featuring the Minnesota Vikings.

The Vikings would eventually lose in the NFC Championship to the Philadelphia Eagles, 38-7, the very next week.

Although Diggs eventually got traded to the Buffalo Bills prior to this season, it is a big belief that he’d receive a hero’s welcome or standing ovation when he returns to Minneapolis especially for that play alone.

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