Three Years Ago Today: UMBC Shocked The World

One seeds are 139-1 against 16 seeds all-time in the the NCAA tournament. That one is thanks to UMBC beating Virginia on this day in 2018. Going into this game, UVA was 20.5 point favorites over UMBC. UMBC just didn’t get lucky, they flat out smacked Virginia. Winning 74-54 over Virginia.

There have bee many wild upsets in the tourney. Such as Lehigh over Duke in 2012, George Mason over Uconn in 2006, and Villanova over Georgetown in 1985. None compare to this one. Nobody ever thought a 16 would beat a one seed. It was the first time it happened in 136 matchups between a one and a 16 seed. Not only was Virginia a one seed, they were the number one overall seed that year. This loss obviously stung for Virginia. If it wasn’t for what happened the next season, it would sting even more.

Virginia and Tony Bennett got redemption the following season. Virginia finally broke through and won the schools first title a year later in what was one the craziest runs to the National Championship ever.

From being the first to lose to a 16, too winning the whole thing.

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