Three reasons why the Chiefs will beat the 49ers in Super Bowl LIV

Written by Blake Steele

Chiefs Defense is underrated

The Chiefs have done an excellent job since Week 11, with a league-low 11.5 points allowed. The 49ers offense has had some tough times this season scoring the ball, but you can imagine that they will try and get the run game started early against the Chiefs. As we all saw in the NFC Championship game, halfback Raheem Mostert went for 220 yards, and a couple of touchdowns. The Chiefs stopped the dangerous run game of the Titans withholding the red-hot Derrick Henry to only 69 yards on 19 carries. The Chiefs defense is in full swing and you can expect them to carry this momentum into a Super Bowl win.

Patrick Mahomes is too much to Handle

I say this week in and week out, that Mahomes is the best player in the league and he has continued to prove that this year. His numbers are not as huge as last MVP season, but the Chiefs do not need crazy big numbers to win games this year. His performance in the AFC title game will never be forgotten by his rushing attempts, one earning a huge touchdown before halftime. The 49ers will only have a shot at winning if they can contain Mahomes. Mahomes is 46 for 70 on passing completions for 615 yards and eight touchdowns this year in the playoffs. This Chiefs team is very hot and I can only imagine what this offense can do on a mild night in Miami.

Chiefs coaching staff

We all know about Andy Reid’s coaching tree and of all the great coaching members he has brought up in his system. Reid does have a lot of playoff experience, but he could never get the big game won. This year he has all the weapons around him on the field and on the sidelines. He finally has a reliable offensive coordinator and has hired a great defensive coordinator in Steve Spagnolo. Now, this coaching staff did have a rough start to begin the year, but ever since their bye week they haven’t been stopped. Coaching is a huge advantage in the NFL and Andy Reid has been given another week of rest and time to get a solid gameplan for the 49ers. This team is prepared for this moment will show the world they are here to stay.

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