Three NBA Facts that Most Passionate Fans Within the Sport Don’t Know About

Written by TrevStone

It has been more than 70 years since the NBA league was established, and a lot of unusual things have occurred throughout its tenure. While most NBA fans are only aware of record-breaking performances by the league’s finest players and teams, there have been some notable performances and events that many fans are unaware of during the course of the league’s history. However, within this article, we will be exploring three facts about NBA that many people that claim to be passionate about the sport don’t know about. 

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The Selling of Air Jordan Sneakers was Outlawed by the NBA.

Immediately upon their introduction, the Air Jordans were hailed as one of the finest basketball footwear ever created, and this reputation continued for years. Every year, the Air Jordans’ proportions grew in proportion to their popularity. Even so, things didn’t get off to a good start. The majority of them chose white sneakers when they were instructed to wear shoes that suited both their own and their coworkers’ outfits. Former NBA Commissioner David Stern was not a fan of Michael Jordan’s early black-and-red colour scheme, claiming that it was too similar to the Chicago Bulls’ outfit. You may be interested in knowing more about the history of Nike Air Jordans, which has a fascinating past that you could find interesting.

Bol and Bogues Have a Ridiculously Different Height

Muggsy Bogues was barely 5’3 when he entered the NBA, making him the league’s smallest player ever. Bogues’ teammate during the 1987/88 season was Manute Bol, who stood at 7’7 and was the tallest player in the league’s history at the time. The height disparity between these two players is the largest in NBA history, with a mind-boggling 28 inches between them.

Pete Maravich Foresaw his Destiny… and his Death

Maravich was a well-known NBA player who was also known for being one of the finest ball-handlers in the game’s history. According to the Basketball Hall of Fame, Pistol Pete was “perhaps the most creative offensive talent in basketball history” when he was admitted as one of the youngest players ever to be honoured.

During an interview with the Beaver County Times in 1974, Maravich said, “I don’t want to play ten years in the NBA and then die of a heart attack at the age of forty.” He was in his fourth season in the NBA at the time and was on his way to his third straight NBA championship, which he won at the age of 40. However, Maravich ended up playing in the league for 10 years before passing away from heart disease at the age of forty.

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