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Three More Wins

Written by Connor McLoughlin

The Red sox just took a 1-0 lead in the World Series and brings them that much closer to the pennant. It was an eventful first three innings, but besides that I was honestly stressed the entire time mainly because this is not the only game that the Sox have to endure. Changes are being made as I write this from my toasty warm living room (honestly, it’s too early for the heat, but whatevs).

I think Benintendi was fantastic going 4-4 in hits and overall this is a young team that is playing like they’ve been playing for a few seasons and that’s just a plus for Boston fans. I am, however, a little worried about J.D’s ankle; not sure if he rolled it and actually injured it or not, let’s hope for the best and he is okay and ready for some homers tomorrow night at 7:30.

Núñez was beautiful with that home run to double the lead towards the end of the game. Scoring early and closing out is what is gonna lead to winning it all. I’m excited to see how many games this series is actually gonna go.

P.S. How lucky is it that Fenway had a lucky rainbow over it earlier today?! Good signs only


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