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Three Fan Favorites Joining Street Fighter V, Including E. Honda

Written by Robert Workman

Whoops! Capcom had a big surprise in store for Street Fighter fans at this weekend’s EVO 2019 event. But thanks to an accidental leak on a Steam page, it had no choice but to reveal the surprise early – three fan favorite characters will kick off a new season of content for Street Fighter V, starting on August 4.

Three new favorites will join Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, and it all begins with a veteran from Street Fighter II. E. Honda will join the party, bringing his Sumo skills with him, including his thousand-hand slap. And he looks to be a lot of fun, that’s for sure.

On top of that, Lucia, who previously appeared as a playable character in the SNES beat-em-up Final Fight 3, will also be available, along with Poison, who was also in the Final Fight series.

The characters will be available for individual purchase on the 4th. Those of you who want to buy them as a bundle, however, will have to wait an additional day. A special “summer 2019 character bundle” will open up on August 5. Pricing hasn’t been revealed just yet, but we’ll know more this weekend during EVO 2019.

The full trailer for all three characters is below, with a number of costumes for each character. E. Honda’s mobster costume is pretty sweet, but it’s Lucia’s throwback costume that has us all excited for something more. Not to mention that each character’s attacks have us wondering who’s going to have the best in battle.

Check out the trailer below and pick up Street Fighter V now for PlayStation 4 and PC! And don’t forget to watch EVO 2019 this weekend. You can learn more about it here.

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