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Thousands of Michiganders Planning to Gather at State Capitol to Protest Governor Whitmer’s Latest Executive Order #OperationGridlock

NOTE: this is not meant to be a political post. We all have our own beliefs, but I’m just writing this post just like it is.

In response to the latest executive order by Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, there will a big protest being scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.

There will be an expected 15,000 Michiganders that are gathering and driving in their cars to protest the latest order in an event some call, ‘#OperationGridlock.’

Many of those protestors taking part are from the ‘Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine’ public group on Facebook, whom have grown to over 314,000 members just the past few days.

The so-called ‘Operation’ is a safe protest where Michigan residents go in their cars and drive to Lansing, circle the Capitol block and perform a ‘drive-by’ while maintaining social distancing.

This was in planned after Whitmer placed an executive order that urged to residents to stay home and stay safe. However just a couple days ago, the governor tightened up the order, putting in a mandate telling what businesses can and can not sell and it also orders that people CANNOT be in gatherings of any size and any time.

Another tidbit in the order includes some concerning inconsistencies regarding fishing and what sections are closed off in some stores.

The backlash and reaction towards the new order by Whitmer was so swift and negative that it garnered national attention. Even commentator Tucker Carlson chimed in his thoughts.

The protest is scheduled to start Wednesday (tomorrow) at noon in Lansing.

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