This Story About The Advice Kobe Bryant Gave Julius Randle Will Give You Chill

Written by schultzyca

Just listen,

This story also gives a great glimpse into Julius Randle’s huge year he is having in year 7 where he is having a career high in pretty much every major statical category. The year Randle is having in year seven is historic not many players take this big of a leap where you have career high in literally every major category.

Listening to this story shows the transformation Julius has gone through it is so evident how much that advice stuck with Randle. If you haven’t read his letter too New York in the Players Tribune I highly suggest it. It is raw and real, and not a lot of people are built for New York but Julius Randle is.

Talk about a guy that was hated by the city and now he is beloved by everyone. The season that he is having is deserving of MVP consideration, and I am not kidding. When I listened to this clip I literally got chills. Much love for Randle

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