This Stat Will Want To Make Lions Fans Throw Up

YIKES, I knew the Lions defense was bad but not this bad. This also shows just how good Aaron Donald is. Donald already has seven 7.5 sacks in five games, leading the NFL. He is a straight up monster.

What makes this even worse for Lions fans is that the team had a chance to draft Donald in the 2014 Draft. Instead, the team selected Eric Ebron, who is now on the Steelers and never panned out in Detroit. Donald seemed like a clear choice for the Lions. Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh was heading into the last year of his contract. In all honesty, it didn’t look like Suh was resigning with Detroit, Donald could have been the replacement. Since Donald has been in the league he has 77.5 stats in 90 games, six-time pro bowler, and two times defensive player of the year. Since Suh left the Lions, the defense hasn’t been the same. The Lions continue to look for that another dominant defensive player. Good times when the Lions had a dominant defense.

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