This Sports Website Owner Just Entered His Name Into Becoming Detroit’s New GM/ Head Coach #OnePride #Trev4Detroit2021

Written by schultzyca

BREAKING NEWS: A Lions fan faithful ‘TREVSTONE’ owner and founder of Pro Sports Extra has officially put his name in the running to be the new General Manager and Head Coach for the Detroit Lions!

Might I add his credentials for the two positions are outstanding:

“I was once calling defensive plays on Madden, made it to the Super Bowl, last play of the game the other team was close to scoring… everyone thought the run was coming. I called that a pass was coming – we intercepted it to win a Madden Super Bowl.”

“I understand that Madden isn’t the actual NFL but the playbook is advanced. Detroit currently has terrible play calling. If you watched the Minnesota game, 3rd and goal from the 1 yard line and Detroit called a stretch run with Adrian Peterson. No offense to Adrian Peterson but his days to get into the outside or over with. That play resulted in a four yard loss and Detroit settled for a field goal. Play calls like that won’t fly under a Trevor ‘TrevStone’ Uren organization.” – Trevor

I mean the fact that the Ford family has not already called Trevor about this is absolutely crazy to me get this man to Detroit immediately. Lion fans should be packing Matt Patrica’s belonging because with Trev putting his name in the running Patrica pretty much does not have a job.

If you are a die-hard Lions fan that is active on Twitter in any capacity you know who Trev is and you know he is the right man for the position. If anyone is going to get this franchise moving in the right direction there is not a single doubt in mind he can get it done. Do the right thing Detroit I am sure Trev is a simple phone call away.

His love for Detroit is unlike many:

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