This Sports Legend Is Being Called Out For Chewing/Sucking On His Daughters Toes?

Written by TrevStone

You probably just read the headline of this blog like I did the first time I read about this story. Thinking wtf? Is this real?

Yes. Former Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has been called out after a video his 20 year old daughter Alicia posted of him chewing on her toe nails.

Now let me tell you this, I’d chew on her toe nails if she asked. She’s a dime. But for a dad to start chewing on his daughters toenails has to be one of the creepiest and oddest things I’ve seen.

And for her daughter to be proud of it seems even more wild to me. Go daddy go! Chew on those toes. Let me take a video. Weird stuff if you’re to ask me.

Imagine being his hot daughter…. What is going through your mind at that point? I mean sheesh. Let’s humiliate my dad but gain tons of followers? Because I’ve seen roughly over 20,000 new followers on her account already and I am one of them.

Just check her out:

Honestly it would be different if it was anyone else sucking on her toes. But watching her dad chew on them and it titled “true love” doesn’t settle right. If she needs someone to do it again I think she should call me. I wonder what is next for her. If I were her… I’d start an OnlyFans and collect as much money as possible. People are going to want to see more of her. No, I’m not saying she has too like some of you people think. I just personally would try making a bag of money as this is going viral.

Trust me. If she’s posting these images on Instagram, having her dad suck/chew on her toes, I’m sure people will be interested in checking her out more. Hopefully not her with her dad, but whatever sells.. right? Now I’m not shaming her for doing/posting this… well maybe somewhat I am. I mean I couldn’t imagine thinking posting my dad sucking my toes would be a good thing. Who knows how long he’s been sucking and chewing on his daughters toes, just seems crazy to me. But like I said, I’d suck on her toes. She’s a dime! But for him to? Strange. But whatever floats your families boat.

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