Now I have seen some terrible beats in blackjack throughout my gambling like at the tables. Sometimes the cards are in your favor and sometimes they aren’t, but this guy might have just done the worst thing in the history of blackjack.

I am not sure if this was a cover up to his family that he isn’t a gambling addict or what, but I feel like anyone with a brain cell would know not to hit a hard 20 ESPECIALLY when dealer is showing a 7! At first I was surprised with him hitting on a hard 17, and then to follow that up with hitting on a 20!?!? The game had to of been rigged in his favor so he won and he somehow still found a way to defeat all odds. It looked like even the guy with him told him to stay, and then he follows that up with yelling “HIT” into the mic. The guy saying, “he said he wanna hit, oh my goodness” gets me every time. I don’t know who the fuck this guy is, but I hope to never see him sitting at the same table as me if we ever cross paths in a casino.


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