This Picture Of Nick Chubb Warming Up For Track Is So Insane, You Won’t Believe It

Written by Will

We all know Nick Chubb is a beast of a running back. Back in high school, he was killing it on the football field and the track. This picture of a 2014 track meet is pure insanity. It almost doesn’t look real. The photo is somehow real, the athletic confirmed. Good god, almighty, just imagine you just got done with a hard day of school, you’re ready for the track meet and then boom you see that beside you. I would just walk off and chalk it up as a loss.

Chubb reportedly told his teammates he placed fifth or sixth in that race where he was off the ground. I think if you do that in warmups, you should automatically be crowned the winner. Nick Chubb is a beast and this photo only makes that point more clear.

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