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This Picture Of Mike Glennon’s Neck Is Just Another Reminder Of How The Chicago Bears Are One Big DUMPSTER FIRE!

Written by Kellen Sherman

Even though this is an AMAZING GRAPHIC……it’s still a TERRIBLE MEMORY for Bears fans……

Do me a favor; take a look at Mike Glennon’s neck up above. What stands out to you? Is it the fact that a majority of his neck is painted orange, to symbolize the RIDICULOUS amount of money that the Chicago Bears paid him for……..what ended up being only ONE YEAR OF SERVICE? Is it the fact that ever since his time with the Chicago Bears, Mike Glennon’s earnings NEVER got above $5,000,000 for any other team?

Because guess what……that’s EXACTLY the thing that I saw first! It’s the fact that the Chicago Bears thought it would be a “good idea” to sign this man to an ABSURD contract……to basically be the “bridge QB” to their next disastrous QB experiment……Mitchell Trubisky.

And what did this contract get the Bears, you may ask? Well……it got them a 1-3 record in his four starts, to go along with his 4 TDs, 5 INTs, and a 76.9 QBR. (Yea……money well spent!)

But at the same time…….this is just another screw up, in the Chicago Bears LONG LINE of screw ups. This is just another mistake, in the Chicago Bears LONG LINE of mediocrity. Until something MAJOR HAPPENS (like the McCaskeys SELLING THE DAMN TEAM); they’re just going to keep being this mediocre DUMPSTER FIRE that fans will pile money into for YEARS TO COME!

It’s sad, it really is! But I guess…….I guess this is the hell i chose……..being a “Bears fan!”

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