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This Man Hacked @realdonaldtrump Twice – @0xDUDE

Russians are doing a number on the Department of Energy, but I can do that and describe it in basic terms in another blog.

But lets focus on the president shall we?

In October, Twitter and government officials had denied that there was a hack on the president’s twitter account.

Turns out there was a hack.

The Dutch government confirms that the hack did happen. Victor Gevers, A Dutch Ethical Hacker, disclosed the hack to the all authorities involved. Secret Service said “thanks” even. He will walk free with no charges.

What’s an Ethical Hacker? It is a certification. Think like a degree, but over a certain set of skills. I took one for Security+, which is entry-level cybersecurity and Linux+, Many servers use the operating system, Linux, to manage the background of websites, but you get it.

Gever’s keyed into certain images with phrases like this one….

Gevers went for it, executing a Brute Force Type-attack, typing realdonaldtrump in the username, and entering various phrases that one might associate with a password, to easily remember most of time. He expected to be locked out after 3 attempts, but soldered on, entering in “maga2020” and got right in, no 2-factor authentication (you should turn it on if you’re not)

Now here’s the “ethical” portion of an ethical hacker, He went to Dutch Authorities, US Governement, White house, and let them know of the vulnerable password, which is to the guy that has access to the highest clearance in the USA, and it was accessed outside of the U.S. is a grave fucking security concern.

Whats nut’s, When he hacked Donald in 2016, it was harder then…

I guess we just make fun of him, but nation-states are coming for the US and just learning how much it seems like “the wild west”, makes me psyched! Also, John Cena Follows this guy!

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