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This Man Dropped Aaron Judges 61st Home Run And Is Sick Of Life; Throws His Glove At Man Behind Him In Stands

Written by TrevStone
@prosportsextra Frankie Lasagna who owns an Italian restaurant (no joke) almost caught Aaron Judges 61st homerun… here’s his reaction #MLB #Fyp #torontobluejays #newyorkyankees #aaronjudge ♬ original sound – prosportsextra

Aaron Judge just hit his 61st home run of the season and someone in the stands nearly caught the ball but was just a couple inches short.

Of course the camera kept on the man afterwards and caught a couple moments that are hilarious including throwing his glove at the person behind him.

The 30-year-old Judge tied the American League and franchise record for homers in a single season with the homer and the ball the guy dropped is going to be worth some money. I bet that they ended up being able to give it back to Judge.

A pretty big accomplishment and now we need to see if he can break the record. This man is a beast. The person that held the record before was Roger Maris and his son was at the game and got a big hug from Judges mother afterwards.

Gave me the chills watching it.

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