This Lady Is Going Viral For The Wrong Reason – Smoking With Baby In Arm, Baby Blocking Own Nose! -DA BIGGEST DON / TRAPALOT_NISHAA / Marrnisha Adams

Written by TrevStone

I honestly hate people. You know what? That might have been a mean way to start this blog but lets be honest right now this is one of the most disgusting things someone can do while holding a baby.

There is a video going viral on Twitter that shows a lady who reportedly goes by: DA BIGGEST DON, TRAPALOT_NISHAA on social media holding a baby while smoking a blunt and basically blowing the smoke right in the babies face to the point the child is trying to cover her own nose. I shouldn’t even say child because that makes it seem like it wasn’t a DAMN BABY.

As someone who smokes a lot of weed this gives us all a terrible look.

Her name on Facebook is rumored to be: Marrnisha Adams!

I went ahead and linked all of her social media platforms below!

Just click the button and it’ll bring you to another page that has her Instagram and Facebook account attached.

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