THIS JUST IN: For The First Time EVER, Aaron Rodgers Did Not Report To Packers Camp

Written by austenlange

In breaking news Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers didn’t show up to camp today. This is the 1st time in Rodgers 16 year career that he hasn’t been at camp. Aaron is deciding to be selfish and I really can’t blame him. I mean the guy means what he means and will not be slighted of what he believes he earns, and this man has earned it all. Green Bay has taken great QB play for granted forever and it’s finally biting them back in the butt.

Aaron Rodgers has essentially broken the internet with this causing multi million dollar media companies to freak out and post about it.

Even Barry McCockiner was able to take time from his busy day as an internet troll to chime in on the matter.

It really does seem like theres no mending this relationship Rodgers told them what he wanted and the went and got his replacement and a corner back. Talk your game Aaron don’t play till they give you the respect you need.

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