This Jets Fan Doesn’t Know How To Feel Right Now

Written by schultzyca

Listen everyone knows that the Jets are in a clear tank mode for a ‘once in a generation talent’ in Trevor Lawrence. The goal was to lose out and be gifted the number one pick thus taking Lawerence to turn this franchise around. No fan wants their team to go 0-16 but if the end goal is Trevor Lawrence I say screw it and just lay over and die. Apparently the Jets did not get the memo today and December 21st came early and the planets perfectly alined giving the Jets a win today.

I don’t know how they did it but they did. I should be pissed because anything short of Lawerence is a fail and everyone in the organization should be fired but unfortunately I am an ignorant Jets fan who think Sam Darnold is our franchise QB. I fully blame Sam Darnold’s regression on that degenerate Adam Gase, I do not hate a human more than I hate Adam Gase I literally wish the worst on that man. Hey Dave Portnoy you want a good Rough and Rowdy match, let me get in the ring with Adam Gase and I will fight him for every single Jets fan. That man is a moron.

I have already moved on from the idea Trevor Lawerence being the Jets quarterback because that poverty franchise in Jacksonville will lose out for the rest of the year. Ever single person in the Jaguars organization should be fired and arrested for not putting a competitive product on the field, there is elite highschool football teams that could perform better than Jacksonville this season. I hate the Jacksonville Jaguars organization on a personal level now and I wish nothing good happens to that sorry ass organization Trevor Lawerence will go their to die. They have no money or any resources to give them any edge to be competitive and he will just be wasted.

The win today for most Jets fans was the worst case scenario but now we just have to accept the fact Sam Darnold is our QB and Joe Douglas and the Jets need to build around him and give him actual tools to be successful. The first thing that needs to be done is to have Adam Gase fired and than arrested so he can never coach in the NFL again and try to ruin another franchise. I should be upset right now I should but I honestly think once we bring in a real head coach things will turn around do not forget they almost have a hundred million in cap space as well. I am most likely just an idiot though. I am a Jets fan at the end of the day.

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