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This Is The Only Man That Should Defeat Roman Reigns for the Universal Title @wweromanreigns @heymanhustle

Roman Reigns has the the WWE Universal Title since August of 2020. Since then, he has torn through all of the competition in his way. Whether it be the Smackdown Live talent, or even the some of the main eventers on RAW, Reigns has been established as one of the most dominant champions since Brock Lesnar and John Cena before him. After many years of failed attempts by Vince McMahon to get Roman Reigns over as the face of the company, he has succeeded in making Reigns one of the most hated heels on WWE television.

The only problem is, there are no real credible threats left on the roster that can actually justify defeating Reigns. Currently, it appears that Cesaro is next in line to battle him. While I love Cesaro and I would be excited to see him win, it just isn’t going to happen. In fact, I think putting him with Reigns this soon will only hurt his push. Cesaro should be feuding with Apollo Crews for the Intercontinental Title. I love seeing seeing Cesaro in the main event picture, but someone with a longer build should be the one to take Reigns down.

Speaking of long slow builds, Big E has had a great push over the past year. Since parting ways temporarily with the New Day, Big E has won several big matches and even had a nice run with the Intercontinental Championship. My thoughts were with him losing the title at WrestleMania that he would likely be Reigns’ next opponent. But again, while Big E has been on a roll lately, he hasn’t exactly beaten anyone at the very top of the card that matters too much. Big E needs a feud with someone like Seth Rollins to elevate him a bit. But even if it is later this year, I just don’t see Big E being the guy to end Roman’s recent streak of dominance.

Daniel Bryan has tried. Edge has tried. Both have failed and were made an example of at WrestleMania.

Drew McIntyre, the other face of the company had a shot last year and put up one heck of a fight. They even gave a glimmer of hope that McIntyre could win, but alas, Reigns was victorious there as well. If anybody currently on the roster, McIntyre would make the most sense. I don’t see Bobby Lashley even getting the opportunity any time soon since he is the current WWE champion. But Lashley’s streak is so new and currently hot, I don’t see them ruining his push just to lose to Roman.

That brings us to Brock Lesnar. There is one hell of a built in story right there. Lesnar and Reigns have fought time and time again over the years. The story that is built in is fairly simple though. Lesnar returns, and puts Heyman in the predicament of having to choose who to side with. The Beast Incarnate? Or the Tribal Chief? It would be an interesting story for sure, and I believe it is one that we will see down the road. But unfortunately, it’s not the story that I think will have the most lasting impact.

Enter this man.

The Destroyer of Gods. Parker Boudreaux. I haven’t even seen Parker in the ring yet, but I don’t have to. This guy is destined to be the next face of the WWE. For many years now, the fanbase has booed Roman Reigns and has long wanted to see him taken down. None of the guys on the main roster right now are the ones to do it. So enter a young up and comer who we all know is going to get hot shotted to the top of the card. If they can build a strong enough allure and mystique around Boudreaux, I can absolutely see the fanbase getting behind him and making him the next big breakout star in WWE.

Boudreaux has the look. He has the intensity. Now it’s just up to WWE to make sure the character development is there and protect him as he comes up the ranks. This ladies and gentlemen, this is the guy who needs to upset Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Title.

Parker Boudreaux is without a shadow of a doubt the man that needs to end Roman’s reign.

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