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This Is The Best I’ve Felt About My Football Team After A Sunday…. (I’m A Lions Fan)

Written by TrevStone

This morning I woke up without a headache. My back didn’t hurt. I didn’t feel stressed out. I stepped outside on the deck and took a nice deep breath and said GOOOD MORNING LADIES! And smoked a little weed. And while doing that I realized something. Shit… I’m not stressed out. Normally after watching football on Sunday I’m stressed out on Monday.


Because I’m a Detroit Lions fan.

Thankfully this week has been the best I’ve felt about the Lions after a Sunday… Oh yeah, we had a bye week. The best week possible for a Lions fan! Hell, the BYE week probably somehow beat us but either way I’m not too stressed out. I’m having a good day.

No reason for Detroit Lions fans not to be happy this Monday. Honestly. It’s more than likely the last time all season we won’t lose on a Sunday… Unless somehow we change things around, just kidding, not with Jared Goof. And let’s be real the team isn’t going to take him out for David Blough. Even though we all want it to happen. Maybe they’ll try out Boyle but at the same time, I think he is worse than Blough. If Detroit ends up at 0-12 and don’t make a change at QB, I’ll be disappointed. I don’t think that I’ll be able to watch after that. I don’t think people who aren’t Lions fans are realizing how bad Goff has been for Detroit. When your head coach is calling you out, there is a problem.

I was a fan for the 0-16 season and at times I’m thinking those QBs performed waaay better than Goof. **Yes, I know it’s Goff**

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