January 26th, 2020, One of the worst days in sports history. It came to a shock to every single person, whether you were a Lakers fan, Kobe fan, an NBA for or even just a casual sports fan. Kobe was different, you didn’t have to like him all you had to do was appreciate the game of basketball and you respected him. He brought a passion and a heart for basketball that was merely seen before him, the only comparison to the amount of passion and heart is Michael Jordan. Though even he didn’t have it like Kobe, The Bean was something different, so special and so game-changing.

I have always been a Celtics fan growing up, so with that you would assume I hated Kobe but you couldn’t be more wrong. I never liked him when he would play against the Celtics, but his skill and heart for the game always made me want to watch Kobe. I was growing up thinking “Oh shit imma be a basketball player this is dope” because I was trying to mimick Kobe and his Mamba Mentality but it’s impossible to mimick. My respect level for him ultimately grew as I realized the work he has put in and having that mindset is insanely hard. I was complaining waking up early for school while Kobe was nonstop grinding in the gym, 99.9% of people cannot have that mindset. They just are not strong enough or committed enough, but Kobe was, he was until the day he passed away.

I haven’t had many losses in my life(thank the lord) so when I say Kobe’s passing was one of the hardest deaths I’ve had to deal with I meant that. It’s an emotional time, there are a lot of fucking losers than say it’s weak or dumb to cry over a celebrity, well fuck you. Kobe touched so many people without ever knowing them, I might sound crazy but he touched my life and had impact on me. A lot of people take things for granted or think life will just hand you things, Kobe never had that mindset and it helped grow my mindset. He helped me get through a loss or a failure by literally just playing his heart out in the NBA.

I went back to watch tributes and all to Kobe and I accidentally stumbled upon Shaq’s speeches about Kobe. I say accidentally because they always get me into my feelings, the media would always try to make them seem like rivals but in Kobe’s final years we saw it was a brotherly/friendship rivalry. Watching Shaq get emotional talking about Kobe fucked me up even more, it makes you appreciate life and family even more. So hug your loved ones, don’t be an asshole and show love and support. I might sound corny but I don’t care this is important and this matters. We miss you 24.


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